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specialist concrete pour & 100m pumping in buchanan galleries Glasgow



setting levels for excavation of new HGV entrance Concrete road

Reinfoced build up using K-form road forms & mesh/rebar

Fusion prefer to use K-form road forms for road shuttering, its a fast and effective way to set up level points, takes the weight of the longest concrete strikers for quick finishing and you can simply leave it in after the pour, also reduces the amount of expansion cuts required on the finished surface which is strongly encouraged by most architects

Frezno float brush finish - for increased surface grip

New tarred & kerbed HGV entrance with gully drainage

Get a free quote for all your concreting needs, From mast and pole bases to large slab pours also specialist concrete pumping with a variety of surface finishes offered by our qualified highly skilled employees.

Fusion currently manage some large concrete slab pour works for local Authorities including Industrial Units also  Agricultural buildings/drives and walkways and more recently Wind Turbine bases.

Fusion encourage the use of concrete site mixer lorries that will mix all your aggregate on site which has been extremely welcomed by all of our clients, especially if there are waiting times between sectioned pours (no time restraints for clients and no waste concrete)

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