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Rib deck

Steel Rib Decking

Fusion are a well known steel rib decking supplier and installer in and around Glasgow, We are able to survey buildings and structures and work out the determined maximum load and advise on what type and specification of rib decking would be suitable for your next project. We work hand in hand with a steel fabrication Company that can supply &  install the I & H beams/shear welding studs required to support your new floor working to extreme tolerances.

Steel rib deck + edging Installation

Steel hollow galvanised rib decking

Rib deck Cutting and Installation

We are also able to determine what size of rebar / mesh to use for the steel fixing & re-inforced concrete build up.

Having recently successfully finished a large high profile steel rib decking project in Glasgow City centre fusions works in this field is rapidly expanding which inturn is bringing us more and more concrete works

Fusion - Rib deck logistics/handling

We are able to provide the right transport to deliver new rib decking to sites throughout Scotland/Northern England

fusion have a good relationship with Glasgow city council and are able to organise transportation of rib deck within the city centre pedestrianised zones, Fusion personell deal with all permits required related to the logistics of getting large sections of rib decking into Shops and Businesses.

Why not contact us at Fusion for a free Engineers survey and quotation for your next Steel Rib Decking project

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