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Thermographic Testing

More and more factories are now being asked for a thermal survey to comply with their insurance policy requirements. it can be up to 80% more cost effective to carry out a thermal survey as opposed to a traditional manual inspection and test report, the down time saved in production by the thermal survey can take weeks off the normal maintenance time required to inspect and test manually, especially if your factory can not afford a lot of down time or runs 24 hours a day seven days a weak, 365 days a year.

An example of these savings has been noticed in particular by clients who had to have their factories shut down for up to three and four weeks a year for manual periodic inspection reports to satisfy their insurance companies requirements, we are able to complete the thermal survey and have the report presented to them within days and the thermal reports are more welcomed than the manual reports.

As well as saving our clients money on maintenance and testing we were able to spot overloaded and dangerous connections not noticeable to the human eye before they become a problem, also balance 3 phase control gear/ lighting and motors, bringing their electricity prices to an optimal efficiency level.

  • On-site surveying approx 1 x day, assessment fast and inexpensive
  • Non contact testing
  • You will not have to shut down any equipment during testing. We do not require physical contact with any components (in fact equipment has to be energized to test)

Contact Fusion with your Thermographic Testing requirements.

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